Tori Piskin grew up in New York City where her passion for film, writing, producing and acting started. A tripod, camera, and a computer lead to her making parody videos of Jennifer Hudson and many other celebrities that didn't look anything like her. 

At Emerson College she wrote her first script, Kuirky, which has won numerous awards for Comedy, including New York Screenplay Contest and International Screenwriting Contest. 

Tori now works as a freelance producer, editor and comedian. When she is not working for companies she is creating her own videos, that includes her YouTube series Sorry Having A Lyme Day that acquired over 100k views. Her videos got featured on Glamour Magazine. You can catch her any night of the week performing stand up comedy and Improv. She most recently was on MTV's Wild 'N Out. Yup, she is a rapper! 

PS: Tori usually doesn't talk in third person when you meet her.